10 Years of Digital Art, Music, and Photography


Below, you can download a zip file containing all contributions to Evoke over the years. We decided to make this collection of artwork available as a way to honor the dedication and perseverance of our members over the course of 11 years.

The world of online art groups is naturally ephemeral. Most collectives vanish in the space of months or years, leaving behind little more than a broken domain name. We wanted to ensure that Evoke's legacy would continue, despite the fact that we could no longer sustain the activity necessary to release new exhibitions.

Thus, Evoke members have lovingly curated all of our exhibitions for release in a single archive here for your enjoyment. Please, feel free to share or redistribute this archive as you see fit---we ask only that you leave it in tact so that our artists receive proper credit for their efforts.

Please, try the Bit Torrent link first to obtain the archive. The direct download link puts a greater burden on our servers.

Thank you for your support! Please, enjoy this archive